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Oh my goodness, I really love your photography work! My favorite pieces here are the Bottlecaps and the Dice, they're so pretty! I was wondering, which kind of macro lens do you use for your macro/closeup shots? All I've got is my 18-55mm kit lens for my Canon, but I'm saving up for a 50mm lens and a close-up filter. I'm not into super-macro shots (at least not yet) but I definitely wanna do more close things if you know what I mean.
Also, I just wanted to comment on your use of color! I've always preferred black-and-white photography (even for digital) as I usually feel that color is very distracting and that the same sense of light can't be achieved (unless, of course, one is showing something color for a specific reason such as nail polish or an extremely color-oriented shot haha). However, you've really worked around that problem! I think that you're very good with your camera in the first place, and even if you do heavily edit your photos, they don't feel "manufactured" or Photoshopped like so many do. Your contrast and shading are really good, even in more yellow light situations, and I think your composition is nice as well!

As far as questions go, I've got another quick one -- how do you shape/cut your false nails? I have a bunch of the clear ones that are all over eBay and I would love to wear them more often, but I really suck at shaping them! Any tips? :shrug:
Sorry for the novel-sized comment, I can honestly talk about art for hours, though! :blahblah: When I see something good I like to tell the person what I think :D
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