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The awesome guys at South Park News have created a post about my nails! With a little interview :) Here's the link

I think we need to change my status to 'ripped and sweet'?..
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The MindHut has posted a slideshow of some of my  Spooky Nail Art, with tips and links to a few tutorials :) Click the link to go and have a look...

Hope everyone's having a Happy Halloweeeeeen! xx
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Here I am in this month's Shout Magazine!… :) With a few nail photos, a little interview and some readers' nail art. My Batman nails also feature on the cover :O Exciting! :)

It's been such a fun week! First with the awesome response I got with my Monsters, Inc, 3D nails and now this little feature in Shout, it's been so lovely.

Thanks you guys for all the faves and comments, it is really encouraging and makes me enjoy making my silly nails even more :) xxx
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Wow! Everyone must be as excited as me for the release of the film in 3D next Friday!

Yesterday, my Monsters, Inc. 3D Nail art was posted on Yahoo! Lifestyle UK (…), Cosmopolitan (…), Total Film's Facebook page (…) and retweeted by OK! Magazine, Holy Moly and Sugarscape! I'm so pleased everyone's getting a kick out of them :D

Thanks for all the faves and comments! You guys are awesome :) Hope you all enjoy the 3D film when it comes out. I know I will :) xxx
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My Batman nails under 'Manicure of the Year' :D I am honored to be included in the same list as Supernatural's rainbow-farting unicorn XD…
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The MindHut has posted a slideshow of my geekiest nails! :)…

Woo-hoo! :D x
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A new collection of nails I've made for - a great website with some loooooovely products! The sets are all based on famous examples of little black dresses :D Plus, there's a little interview :) Here it is -…

Hope you like them! xx
I've been featured on Today's blog - The Look! Awesome :D (…)

Also included is my new tutorial! It is a step by step guide to creating a simple design inspired by one of my favourite ever horror films - 'The Shining' - and just in time for Halloween! :)

Hope you can give it a go! And wear it on your nails "for ever, and ever, and ever..." ;) x
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Hi Everyone!

I've created some Doctor Who themed nail art for Entertainment Weekly! -…

They are based on The Silence (creeeeepy!) and I've included a step-by-step tutorial which shows you how to paint a cute version. Can't wait to see if anyone has a go at them! You'll have to send me a link if you do, I'll wanna make a post about it!

Also, I have another set of nails based on Matt Smith's Doctor to upload here tomorrow, so keep an eye out - Hope you'll like them! :) xx

"Silence will fall..." ;)
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Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! I am really touched and grateful to have so many sweet friends on here.

I had a lovely day filled with lots of lovely wine :) Haha.

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There's an article about my nails on the Mail Online today… :D How excitiiiing! The photos are new so let me know what you think?

Woo Hoo! I'm having a really fun day :) xx
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Just received my degree results in the post :D I am beyond pleased. Will have to make some nails with little mortar board hats on soon :) haha xx
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My Freddie nails have been posted along with a little bit of text on the 'Freddie For A Day' site… :D

Hope everyone will be joining in on the 5th of September to have fun and raise some money for the Mercury Phoenix Trust x
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Woke up this morning to find this lovely blog post… had been tweeted to me from MTvStyle! How exciting :D I am super flattered xx
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I'm trying to design some sort of logo so that I don't have to have my Roy Orbison-impression picture everywhere. Anyone got any ideas what I could do? I've tried a few things, but they all seem a bit cak and I don't wanna start changing my pages until I make the perfect one. So, any help would be appreciated :) Thanks yous guys xx
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I've made a Tumblr! I don't reaaallly know what I'm doing so at the moment I'm just mass uploading :/ Haha. Anyway, should be fun, and yet another thing to keep me from doing anything actually productive/useful.

This is it -

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Wow! Thanks fellow geeks for sharing my Batman nails about :D haha. I'm very flattered! And thankyou to everyone who likes them, so pleased you do, really didn't expect it :) xxx.. x
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I'm thinking about buying a premium membership, wanted to know if it is worth it or not? Anyone have any opinions? xxx
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Just ordered a F-load of nail varnishes from Amazon for £20.. Wonder what the quality will be like, lol. Will find out in 3-5 days :) x
Gonna have a Nightmare on Elm Street marathon today :) And make some Freddy Krueger nails.. Somehow.. x